About the Inventor

Oren Waters, the inventor of "The Original FootFree Pillow", commenting on the role of creativity in developing his revolutionary product stated, "I have to say that I owe my creative ability to the nurturing spirit of my mother." This inner power was indeed nurtured by the family matriarch early in the lives of Oren and his siblings. Guided by her very supportive hand, Oren became the anchor tenor in what was to become the nation’s most successful backup singing group, known as "The Waters." With hundreds of gold and platinum albums to their credits encompassing artists ranging from Neil Diamond, Michael and Janet Jackson, Adele, Katy Perry, Patti Labelle and Paul Simon to movie and sound tracks including The Lion King, Jurassic World, Little Shop of Horrors, The Body Guard, 102 Dalmatian and Happy Feet. As well as television theme songs which include "The Jefferson's, Chip N' Dale Rescue Rangers, Good Times and Show Time at The Apollo." Oren's drive and creativity with "The Waters" would prove important to his invention."

The design challenges he would encounter in developing his invention was significant. He would have to design a stable pillow that would lift the blankets and sheets off your feet creating a great space for your feet while still maintaining the warmth that the covers provide. Secondly, the pillow would have to be aesthetically beautiful and safe. And thirdly, it would have to be affordable. After a number of designs, Oren met all the challenges by designing a unique product which he named “The Original FootFree Pillow”. This patented sleep enhancement product affords the user a unique and restful sleeping experience.

Reflecting on his creative connection, Oren stated, “Creating a great song and creating The Original FootFree Pillow really stems from the same kind of life experiences.” He went on to say, “People need music to balance their lives and people need deep and restful sleep to have a balanced life.” Understanding that he has a product with global marketing implications, Oren reached out to business associates and family members with global marketing experience, founding a global marketing company, Sleep Enhancement Products, Inc. Commenting on the products’ growing  success, the consummate inventor stated, “I am forever grateful to my family and friends for their support.” I consider The Original FootFree Pillow a gift from God because "Your feet will be blessed right down to their sole!”